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After conducting many regressions, we have seen that people who have never meditated in life, find it difficult to relax and let go. For many such people, past life memories do not emerge. So we have created packages to suit everyone.


Also, we find that everyone doesn't need a PLR for healing. Some just need counseling, some need to just begin some regular meditation. All in all, everyone being unique, needs to be addressed uniquely. Hence we have created this segregation for different expressions of humanity.


Below prices are for personal one-to-one sessions. We also conduct workshops that will have different pricing depending upon the workshop.



Past Life Regression

Old meditators   Price: 250 CAD


Anybody can opt for a single session. But there is a probability of not recovering any memory. 


New to meditation   Price: 300 CAD 


People might need at least 2 Past life regression sessions.


First session: PLR to see how easily you can let go

Provide guidance for a meditation technique specific for you 


Second Session: After you practice the meditation technique for 21 days, we can have the second session.



* We provide audio recordings of regression *

Healing and Councelling

Price: 150 CAD


Per session 

2-hour session.

If you need further sessions, only then we can book.



Meditation Technique

Price: 150 CAD


1 session.

2-hour session of sharing complete meditation technique depending upon the need of the person.


There are 112 techniques of meditation. For everyone, a different technique suits at different times in life. So meeting and talking with you, we can see which one suits you, and then I shall share the music and technique of required meditations.

* Session charges would be taken in the first session *

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