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What is meditation ?

Meditation is not concentration. It is not focusing.

Most of you must have tasted a relaxed state of being, while sitting on a seashore, watching the children play. Hearing their laughter, feeling the sunlight....a state when you are aware of everything around you, and inside you; and everything seems perfect and right, just the way it is. And that gives a sense of deep contentment. In that state of deep relaxation and let go, when suchness arises, you are in meditation.


"MEDITATION has a few essential things in it, whatever the method but those few essentials are necessary for every method. The first is a relaxed state: no fight with the mind, no control of the mind, no concentration.

Second, just watching with a relaxed awareness of whatever is going on, without any interference. Third - just watching the mind silently, without any judgment, any evaluation.

These are the three essential things: relaxation, watching, no judgment. "



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