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How does it heal


While undergoing regression, a past life memory may emerge revealing the reasons behind our current life difficulties, or struggles, or relationships (both negative or deeply intimate), fears, or phobias. 


One of my clients saw in her past life memories the real reasons behind her difficult relationships and struggle in life. The revelations of reasons being of the past relaxed her and her behavior completely changed. She loves more, laughs more, and is at peace with herself.

While another client found the reason behind her deep intimacy with her beloved. She connected to him from the very first instant.


It is healing because we see that we are Beyond this body, Beyond what we think we are. All we call mine is not really mine. 


Everything belongs to existence. We understand if there is a relationship or a current life problem, it is mostly rooted in a past life and just the revelation and understanding of it, helps us to Let Go. 

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